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About Me

Aus Nasir

My name's Aus Nasir. I come from a background in Finance and International Business. I started my own food and beverage business at 22, which quickly turned into a successful franchise.

Now, I use my finance and entrepreneurial skills to guide traders in the Prop Space (B2C). I offer insights and strategies to navigate the forex market effectively.

Join me, and together, we'll dive into forex trading, turning it into a successful and enlightening journey.

I've been in the trenches for the past 4 years:

Book a Call Only If You Face One or Several of These Issues:

Struggling with your Forex trading journey? I'm here to help, but let's make sure we're a good fit. Book a call with me if you're grappling with any of these common trading challenges:

Consistency in Trading:

If your trading results are like a rollercoaster, varying widely from one period to the next, and you're finding it tough to maintain a steady performance, let's talk.

Emotional Decision-Making:

Are emotions like fear, greed, or frustration hijacking your trading decisions? It's time to adopt a more rational, strategy-driven approach.

Risk Management:

Struggling with controlling losses and managing risks effectively in trading? Poor risk management can be the biggest threat to your trading account.

Developing a Personal Trading Style:

Every trader is unique. If you're having trouble finding a trading style that aligns with your personality and risk tolerance, I can guide you.

Overcoming Losses:

Facing challenges in dealing with trading losses and finding a path to recovery? It's crucial to develop resilience and effective strategies for bouncing back.

Analysis Paralysis:

If you're overwhelmed by market data and analysis, leading to indecision or delayed trading actions, it's time for a more streamlined, effective approach.

Time Management:

Balancing trading with other life commitments, especially if you're juggling a full-time job, can be tough. Let's work on strategies to manage your time more effectively.