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About us

Here is a quick story about us...

Once upon a time

A group of traders came together with a common goal.

To give the community what we didn't have when we started

We didn’t have mentors, we didn’t have a profitable edge, and we sure didn’t have access to proprietary firms. With MFT, you have a bundle of services at your disposal.

Opportunity to have start your own venture

With the help of our partners, you can start your own business venture for as little as $49 that can yield you 8% per month. How? You ask? With the help of proprietary firms!

And so, MyForexTeacher was born.

With a focus on personalized mentorship, daily signals, and a supportive community

You can now earn money in the Forex market, by a click of a button. All you need to do, is go through our guides on how to successfully work with us – and you’re ready to go!

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